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The Website vs Web Site Debate:
Which is the Correct Spelling?

Let the record show that this Leominster, MA based Web Design Company prefers the term "website"!

Although we are partial to the one-word term website, we reluctantly use both website and web site throughout our site, but it is only for Search Engine Optimization purposes. Let the record show that this Leominister, MA based Web Design Company prefers the term "website."

In 2003, Internet guru Debbie Weil, asked Norman Goldstein, the editor of the "AP Style Book: The Journalist's 'Bible'", how the term should be spelled. Mr. Goldstein stated that the correct way of to spell it is Web Site.

However grammatically correct the term "web site" is, popular culture has morphed it into one word - website. More and more designers, developers, and computer techies have ditched the two-word term for the easier-to-type one-word version, "website."

Search engine giant Google has a handy tool, Google Trends. As of April 2007, Google Trends' research shows that more Internet users are searching for the term "website" as opposed to "web site." From India to California, the data shows that "website" is winning the race.

So whether you're searching for websites or web sites, what is really boils down to is personal choice.

Do you prefer website or web site? and tell us what you think!